Due to a majority public vote, the UK has now left the EU which has left it in a state of  unknown transition.

Poly-Props has been distributing materials through the EU for 5 years, and have secured numerous shipping accounts and wholesale deals with EU online stores and retailers.

Unfortunately, businesses and stores in the EU have taken steps to start scaring people away from buying our brand, and buying from their store fronts instead. As sneaky as this may be, we have to accept that this is the way some businesses handle things!

Let us take this opportunity to clear up a few things for customers throughout the EU and put your mind at ease.


No, there are not. It is business as usual as no tariffs have been introduced for UK-EU shipping. If issues should crop up, we will be sure to tell our customers ASAP. We have come under fire by other stores for the past 6 months, making up charges which we do not charge.

2: But what happens if there are charges and I do not want to pay them?

There are a few options if charges are introduced (we will inform you as soon as they are);

A: Buy from one of our EU retailers (there are many now!) where you can buy our products.
B: We will look into setting up an EU distribution branch.
C: Poly-Props would support businesses wanting to 'Franchise' our brand and be a distribution hub for other stores and customers.

The great thing about our company is that we are transparent. All of our decisions come from talking to the community and small, local businesses that are effected by our changes. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, contact us; info@poly-props.com

PLEASE don't be fooled with scare tactics by other companies and individuals. Poly-Props is proud to be a global network, supplying materials under our brand and private brands. We will continue to do so for many years to come.