Happy New Year one and all!

2018 was an epic year for some, and just down right offensive to others. Whatever the mood going into the new year, be sure to promote positivity, friendship, love, the force, respect, dedication, ambition, SEAL Prime aerosols and of course; the community!

Here are some things and people to look out for and follow in 2019!


Yes we all know MCM events by now, but many agree that the events have been hugely improved after the ReedPop acquisition of the MCM brand.

So makes it so amazing? Well for one, your Poly-Props team are there helping out hosting the community zone! MCM now puts focus on providing entertaining and educational content for the cosplay and crafting community!

Let’s not forget that it also brings you face to face with the big film studios promoting new movies, big names in the pop culture and stage content that is worth sitting around for a few hours.


When founder Kenny Chan pitched an idea of an event that was purely cosplay focused, rich with cosplay workshops, photography sets, awesome crafting-pro’s and a championship competition to rival the best, we thought he was a mad man.

Turns out, he was able to build a team of equally mad people, and pull off one of the best events of 2018! You won’t find gigantic halls filled with vendors or toys, but a variety of classrooms, stages and photographers. It’s a great environment for all, from the new crafters to the experienced.

Now returning to the University of Reading this year, CosXPo is worth attending!


Crafters and studios:

R31 Studios

Poly-Props will always support Steve Pearson from R31 Studios, who uses his skills and talent to help others improve.

If you browse the R31 social media pages, you will find a wealth of shared knowledge, tips, tutorials and free templates. 2019 will see R31 templates at the Poly-Props event stands; free for all those who come over and chat! > Instagram / Facebook

Artyfakes were crafting and cosplayers before it was mainstream. From humble LARP beginnings, ArtyFakes has built a large network, working with the largest names in gaming and film.

So why follow them? Nic Samiotis regularly travels to various events, giving workshops and demos demonstrating his inspiring talent.

You will also find the other half of ArtyFakes, Tabitha Lyons, on the Live Stages at MCM and hosting her own projects.

Follow them! It will be worth it! > Tabitha / Nic / Artyfakes

Kamui Cosplay
Kamui is well known in the cosplay scene, but surprises us that she is still fairly unknown in the professional creative scene. It’s criminal!

From providing appearances at events to supplying her very own books, Kamui has always been one to share her knowledge of crafting and the love of her two corgis!

Discover more about Kamui here > Website

Alyson Tabbitha
There is much to be said about Alyson Tabbitha. It truly is astonishing by how talent an individual can be.

At events, we come across hundreds of individuals who pursue a passion in make-up but have not heard of Alyson Tabbitha. We won’t have any more of it! For unlimited amounts of inspiration and craft envy, go and follow Alyson! > Instagram

Sorenzo Studios
If you think we have a professional relationship with Sorenzo Studios, you are very wrong. There isn’t a room louder than the one we are all in at the same time.

Forever a supporter of their work, we hate the fact some people are still not following them or attending the events in foam craft, casting and prop building that they provide.

Go and check out what they have on offer. Based in Glasgow, you could treat it as a mini-Scottish-holiday! > Website

Punished Props
The one question we are constantly asked; Where can I learn foam craft online!
Short answer; From the best of course – Punished Props!
Bill and Britt Doran provide free tutorials on their site and social media along with templates available to download > Website

Follow our 2019 top 16 follow list! Incredibly talented AND super fun to chat with!

Some Extras

Coming soon

The Poly-Props Podcast
Yup, we’re going to be doing a podcast for all our customers to listen to while they craft, having guests from the craft industry, brand representatives and cosplayers. It’s sure to be a hoot with our unfiltered British sense of humour!
New Products
We will be launching a fair amount of new product lines, studio-range additions and new services in the next 6 months. So keep your eyes peeled on www.poly-props.com

Rouge CF100 Bundle
There is a CF100 bundle that, somehow, gained intelligence and escaped our facility. She enjoys vegan sausage rolls, the colour red and butterfly nets.